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Riceland Rice Co-Products have a wide range of applications for animals. Two of our most popular products are defatted rice bran and rice hulls. Unground rice hulls are used for poultry litter and horse bedding. Ground rice hulls are used as an ingredient in animal feeds, an animal vitamin premix carrier and cattle bedding. In addition, bagged parboiled unground rice hulls are used as a fruit pressing aid. Visit with a Riceland Co-Products salesperson to learn what type of product is best for your intended application.

Rice Co-Product Applications

  • Animal Feeds

  • Poultry Litter

  • Animal Vitamin Carriers

  • Horse Bedding

  • Pet Food

  • Fruit Pressers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide samples?

Yes. Include the sample request in the Comment area of the spec sheet form.

Is there a minimum order for rice hulls or rice bran?

No, there is no minimum order required for rice hulls or rice bran. 

Does the customer pick up product or can it be delivered?

Riceland can arrange for product transportation (at current shipping rates paid by customer) or the customer can pick up from our mills and processing plants. Customer must have the proper trailer for hauling the products. 

Are the rice hulls or rice bran packaged?

We only package parboiled unground hulls in 50-pound bags. All other products are sold in bulk.  

Can rice hulls be used as insulation?

Yes, parboiled unground hulls can be used as insulation. We sell them in 50-pound bags only.

Do you sell rice bran for human consumption?

No, our product is strictly for animal consumption only.

Do you sell full fat bran?

Rarely.  Call a sales person to ask about availability.  

What is Defatted Rice Bran?

Defatted Rice Bran is full fat bran that has gone through an extrusion process where as much oil as possible is extracted from the full fat rice bran. The defatted rice bran is then dried and ground into a consistency suitable for pet food and livestock feed ingredients.

Can you provide a spec sheet and/or samples?

Yes, these are available on request at the spec sheet request page.

Where do Riceland Rice Co-Products ship from?

We ship from our mills and processing plants in Stuttgart, Jonesboro and Waldenburg, Arkansas, and New Madrid, Missouri.